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Elevate your business with ÜConsole! Redefine your video calls and events into thrilling games! No downloads, share a screen, scan a QR code, and let your smartphone become the controller!

From 8 to 150 persons can play with ÜConsole

Areas of application

We enhance every part of your business!

Generate qualified leads with ÜConsole

Lead Generation

Promote your brand and capture the attention of the audience with a unique experience that will leave no one indifferent.



Attract new clients.

Get apart from the competition.

Enhance the image of your brand.

Engage your audience with ÜConsole


No more boring presentation, business parties can be more than a virtual toast behind a webcam. Make something usually boring like filling out a survey fun.


Measurable engagement.

Compatible with any web platform.

Upgrade your team building.

Training with ÜConsole


Memorable experience through interaction. Accessible to the users, with no need for previous knowledge.


Improve coordination and collaboration.

Teach about your brand values.

Reduce education costs.

Collect qualified data from your audience.

Data collection

Implement basic Analytics to be able in future versions to create detailed reports.


Easy setup thanks to ÜConsole.

Can be integrated with social platforms or LMS.

Gain a deeper understanding of your audience.

Where can you use it?

Any place can be the right place!

Engage your audience and collect data in events

In person meetings

Engage people in museum screens or a passing office area. Low latency experiences for quick, snappy groups of 1-8.

Dynamize your videocalls.

Video call

Add a new dimension to your virtual meetings, the interactivity. Medium latency experience for groups of 4-12.

Engage and get leads in your conferences.


Create incentive activity for a large number of participants (20-250+) we can design high latency yet effective competitive or cooperative gameplays.

How does it work?

Easy to use, no additional hardware or downloads!

1) Find a Shared Screen

Visible by all participants on site or online. That's your Master Screen

2) Scan the QR Code

Connect and use your phone as a controller to participate.

3) Start playing and enjoy with ÜConsole!

Share the experience and upgrade your engagement.

Success stories

Swipe left to get inspiration!

Forest Keepers

Forest Keepers is a cooperative experience, where you use your smartphone to rearrange the plants in your garden. Made for the Elder Museum, the most important science museum of the Canary Island.

In person installation
Interactive experience

Sam Quest

Sam is a wandering hero with a mysterious identity trapped in the dungeons of a castle. In your hands resides the only tool that can save him, your smartphone has the power to connect toward this world and can communicate with our hero.

Communication soft skills
Votation gameplay

Space Crew

Usable for both one-shot sessions and customizable in all its phases creating a unique experience each time as for example was done with SNAM. By creating a fun environment where a team can be safely put under pressure, people can challenge and surpass their own limitations.

Communication soft skills
Votation gameplay

Climate Choices

Swipe cards left or right to make decisions. But be careful, every action has consequences. Game will collect the data that can be used for reports and further analytics. The stage screen will show a dynamic infographic of all sessions. How’s our virtual planet doing?

Environmental game
Decision maker
Raise awareness

Start your project

We offer a customized product tailored to your needs with plenty of opportunities. Contact us to start shaping your idea and visit us at Rising Pixel to learn more about our solutions.

Product Features

For an accurate quote, contact us!

What does ÜConsole include?

  • Initial Setup

    This is a one-time fixed cost for setting up and configuring ÜConsole. It includes the installation of software and cloud panel SaaS.

  • Custom Content

    This is a variable one-time cost for creating custom content for your events or presentations. This includes the design and development of games, quizzes, or other interactive activities.

  • Maintenance Fee

    This is a recurring cost for ongoing support and maintenance of the ÜConsole platform. It includes technical support, software updates, and bug fixes.


Your questions are not answered in the list below?
Contact us and we will be happy to help you!

This is still an invitation-only beta product. Contact us to join!

It depends on the project, but normally around 4 to 16 phones can join a ÜConsole party game… But some games can host up to 500 players with only 1 master screen!

To avoid issues with the QR code reader, we provide a code number near the QR code in the master screen. You just have to enter the link provided using your smartphone and then type the number you see on the master screen. Easy and quick.

Yes. Even if your company it’s not about games, we offer customized ÜConsole games that can be adapted to your needs from the beginning.

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Elevate your business. The gamified platform that transforms engagement. Ignite collaborationboost sales, and captivate audiences with interactive experiences that unlock your company’s full potential. Level up your success today!


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